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5 Reasons Why UX Design Training is a Marketer's Secret Weapon

For today’s marketing professionals, career success may involve deepening your understanding of user experience practices. The definition of UX design is to create digital products, such as apps or customer journeys through websites, that are “easy to use and delightful to interact with.” When UX practices are woven into marketing, it can yield higher customer conversions, improved loyalty and satisfaction and more revenue.

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The Kinds of Product Managers Fueled Hires

Professionals and recent grads alike come to Startup Institute seeking a better understanding of the hiring process. There are so many unknowns that make navigating the process a guessing game: “What skills are most important to this company? What type of job experience do they want to see?”

Getting the inside scoop on what hiring managers look for in job candidates can help you focus on what’s important: landing the job.

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Learning Responsive Web Design

Have you ever tried to buy a product on your smartphone only to find that the text is too hard to read or the page cuts off? Maybe you have tried to show a friend something interesting on your tablet, only to be frustrated when the page doesn't lay out as nicely as it did on your laptop? Responsive web design is about using HTML and CSS to allow users to view the same web page on multiple devices with ease.

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